Why choose Trinity College Dublin for MBA?

If you are looking for a university that will provide you with world-class education, collaborative engagement, and research-oriented study methods- Trinity College Dubin is the perfect choice for you! This article will guide you on the advantages of choosing Trinity College Dublin for an MBA degree.

Why Choose Trinity College in Dublin For Your Masters in Business Administration?

Leadership development

The main focus of the Trinity MBA is to develop professional and leadership qualities in a student. The college provides you with three distinct modules to develop self-awareness and knowledge. In this immersive offline experience, Trinity MBA starts its session with a unique induction week, where they guide you in the journey of bonds with your classmates and professional development.

One of the best cities in the world- Dublin

Study in Ireland provides you with an opportunity to experience global mobility. Dublin ranks as the 37th best student city worldwide. It is multicultural and one of the safest cities worldwide for students. The involvement of students in the events and organizations is an integral part of Trinity’s culture as it lets you explore the city of Dublin in its rich essence.

Vibrant campus life

The environment of Trinity is completely multicultural, as it has 17,000 students from over 122 different countries around the world, along with 40% of the staff from outside of Ireland. It offers resources like a global room, international student society, and event space for international students. Students get the chance to explore global traditions as they settle down for one of the most enriching moments in their lives.

Academic excellence and research reputation

Trinity college is famous worldwide for its academic excellence, innovative research work in various fields, and excellent professors in their respective fields. It has a strong reputation in academics because the professors are approachable. Research work in this college is based on the latest findings, constant revision, and updating of all the courses. It offers regular tutorials and seminars to enhance the knowledge of the student.

Supportive environment

It is very rare to find such universities that provide personal tutors. A Professor who can guide you in your academics, personal and professional field.


It is situated in the centre of Dublin and provides you with student-friendly accommodation situated near Trinity. You can choose the accommodation as per your budget or opt for student-friendly dorms.


You can explore Dublin city, other coastal towns, beautiful landmarks, and the famous towns of Ireland. Travelling and exploring new places in Europe gives you a chance to fulfil all your bucket lists.

Student community

There are about 200 clubs and societies in Trinity, which gives you a chance to explore new places and people. There are many ways to be a part of the Trinity student community, so better enrol now and start a conversation with your student representative.

Historic university

Trinity college was founded in 1592 and is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the seven ancient universities still maintaining academic excellence and legacy. This university is the perfect combination of historic and modern facilities.

Think ahead

It was observed in a survey that employers of world-class companies prefer those students with international experience. Think ahead and give yourself the chance to study abroad at Trinity. MBA in Ireland for Indian students would be one of the best options for those students who want to pursue their careers in the management field.

Professional community

Over 100,000 alumni worldwide join the Trinity community to help you enhance your social and professional networks.

Experience Dublin

Trinity offers a cohesive campus experience and many options, from mountain hikes, cliff walks, festivals, and events all over Dublin.

Importance of live company projects

The primary focus of Trinity MBA is live-action learning so that students can gain experience in different organisations, new industries, and real-world business problems. It allows you to show your business skills and helps you to learn by giving you unique challenges.

When students work in groups, they get a chance to work directly, and they can easily deliver their solutions and ideas to the senior management team of any company project.

International Residency Week

Trinity is famous for its high ranking and academic excellence in different subject areas. Students get entry into this college through academic merits. International residency week includes field trips to the European Commission, video presentations, experiential learning, lectures, etc.

The main focus of this program is to give a crystal clear understanding of business. The program includes a mix of class exercises and case studies. It includes meeting with entrepreneurs, local artisans, and NGOs who focus on sustainability. International residency week is completely based on best practice negotiation training developed at Havard.

Program highlights

Extracurricular activities in Trinity boost up over 200 student societies and give you a golden opportunity to show your talent, including sports clubs and publications.
Along with world-class education, it gives you a chance to work with some of the most influential people worldwide in your field.
Dublin has always been the centre of attraction with a multicultural environment and European headquarters.
Trinity is the education hub for students from more than 120 countries. So be a global citizen by joining Trinity.
Provides you with world-class academics in Ireland.

What is the Trinity College Dublin Ranking?

Whenever you have to choose any college for higher education, you need to check the rankings of that college. In this aspect, Trinity College Dublin matches all your expectations.

In the ranking of QS world 2022, Trinity ranked 101. It ranked 146 in the Times Higher education world university Rankings 2022.

In the academic ranking of world universities 2019 and QS world university ranking 2021, Trinity College is the number one university in Ireland.

In 4 subject areas, Trinity got the rank in the top 50. English language and literature got the 25th rank, and Nursing got the 42nd rank globally.

For ancient history and pharmacy Trinity is ranked 25th in the world.

In the European MBA rankings 2021, Trinity full-time MBA ranked tier 1, whereas Trinity executive MBA ranked 1st in Ireland, 11th in Europe, and 27th in the world.

Trinity Business school, marked as the number one business school in Ireland, got the 19th position in Europe.

Trinity executive MBA got the 26th rank in Europe in QS EMBA ranking 2021.

Final Thoughts

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