Studying MSc Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

Studying MSc Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

The AI era has impacted Ireland for almost 25 years. An advanced knowledge engineering nation like Ireland will lead the way into the future. The country is, therefore, attractive to corporate giants and students from India who want to study at Universities in Ireland for masters.

Due to the vast expanding opportunities, Artificial Intelligence is a great option for those considering masters in Ireland for Indian students.

Advantage of studying MSc Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

Ireland is a great place to pursue a master’s degree in artificial intelligence for a myriad of reasons.

  • Five universities in Ireland that offer master’s degrees in artificial intelligence are ranked among the 500 best universities globally, according to QS.
  • By 2025, machines will perform more work tasks than humans, according to projected estimates from the World Economic Forum, compared to today’s 71% of work being performed by humans.
  • In terms of implementation, innovation, and investment, Ireland is ranked #3 in Europe for its AI capabilities.
  • Global GDP could increase by up to $15 trillion by 2030 due to artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart automation.
  • Compared to studying in the UK, universities in Ireland offer UK-style higher education at a significantly lower price.
  • Upon finishing their full-time studies in Ireland, international students can stay on a postgraduate work permit for two years.
  • Upon living and working in Ireland for two years, you can apply for Irish permanent residency.
  • The Irish GDP is expected to grow by 48 billion Euros due to AI and related technologies, according to PwC.

In general, AI is revolutionizing our lives and enabling us to live in a world with self-driven cars, AI-assisted surgeries, search engines with language translation capabilities, automated stock market trading, smart power grids, smartphones that recognise faces, objects, and speech, and video games with adaptive, responsive, and intelligent behaviour. Therefore, skilled workers are in high demand who are adept in AI Technology.

What is the eligibility criteria?

The following are the main conditions for admission into Universities in Ireland for a master of artificial intelligence:

  • Are you a bachelor of General Studies (UG) degree in a field like a computer science, software engineering or computer engineering, or another discipline closely connected to.
  • A lot of four-year institutions and colleges accept a bachelor’s degree obtained in just three years.
  • You should have a solid understanding of statistics and even more advanced math.
  • Have a good knowledge of coding using the most current high-level computer programming language, such that of Python, C++ or Java.

Top universities in Ireland for MSc AI

University of LimerickMSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (1-year)
University of GalwayMasters in Computer Science- AI (1-year)
University College DublinMSc in Artificial Intelligence for Medicine and Medicinal Research (1-year)
National College of IrelandMSc Artificial Intelligence (1-year)
Trinity College DublinMSc Computer Science Intelligent Systems
Dublin City UniversityMSc Computing AI major (1-year)
Athlone Institute of TechnologyMSc Software Design AI (1-year)
Letterkenny Institute of TechnologyMSc Big Data Analytics & AI

MSc Computing AI research

Dublin Business SchoolMSc Artificial Intelligence

What documents and language are required?

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • IELTS and TOEFL scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • To be admitted to Universities in Ireland for a master’s, you must provide transcripts and certifications of your previous education.
  • In a personal statement, summarise your primary degree and explain why it will be useful for your master’s program.
  • This document summarises past capstone projects and contributions made to them.
  • Experience and technical expertise in the relevant field
  • Your academic accomplishments will be highlighted using a data-based method.
  • Your passport copy is required.

What is the criterion for a scholarship?

Criterian for scholarship

Education in Ireland for Indian students has access to scholarships, loans, work-study programs, and other financial aid options. Scholarships relieve students of the debt they have incurred by preventing them from having to make repayments.

Here are some scholarship opportunities you can take advantage of while considering attending a higher education institution in Ireland:

University of Limerick India PG Scholarship1500-4000The university welcomes Indian students to pursue their education
Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit ScholarshipCover tuition feesThere is a student from India enrolled in NUI-Galway’s postgraduate taught program.
Government of Ireland International Education ScholarshipCovers tuition and academic expenses plus 10,000 to cover living expensesStudents demonstrating academic excellence at one of the partner institutions
NUI Scholarship for Indians4000Students from India planning to attend the university

Students with valid visas are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the academic term of their Universities in Ireland for master’s. There may be opportunities for full-time employment during your time off.

What is the career prospect?

As a result of the diversity found in the AI field, there are many employment opportunities at various levels:

  • The foundational jobs of a software engineer or data architect are software engineering, machine learning, deep learning and machine learning engineers
  • Jobs that require advanced skills, such as specialist research engineers and AI architects, as well as language and speech experts


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Is Ireland good for Masters in AI?

Due to the academic strategy of its government, Ireland is the first country in the world to establish an industry-driven nationwide PostGraduate MSc in Artificial Intelligence to meet the needs of its industry.

Is MSc in artificial intelligence worth it?

You will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to Study in Ireland for Indian students in Artificial Intelligence. This course will examine AI algorithms, data structures, machine learning, and more. You can develop intelligent systems that recognise images and process natural language using these skills.

Which country is best for Masters in artificial intelligence?

A high standard of living, great infrastructure, and free education make Ireland one of the world’s most preferred Artificial Intelligence programs.

Is it easy to get a job in Ireland after Masters?

The Irish job market for international students is quite favorable due to its low unemployment rate and the new Third Level Graduate Scheme. We cover everything you need to know about getting a job in Ireland after completing a Master’s degree in this blog.

Which masters degree is best in Ireland?

Undoubtedly, Software Engineering in Ireland is one of the best master’s courses in Ireland. In the 21st century, the field of computer and software engineering is one of the fastest-growing and most demanding professions in the world.