Benefits of Overseas Education

Education is man’s best friend goes a popular saying. In earlier times in India, gaining education was more localized, or at the most you travelled to a nearby city say from Hyderabad to Manipal or Bangalore for your Engineering course. But now, there has been a huge paradigm shift and with the opening up of economies, education too has opened new doors and youngsters are motivated to pursue study in foreign shores ………………….

But Why ?

What is it that overseas education can offer which local education can’t.

Generally, its seen that students complete their schooling while staying with their parents and then start to look at options for their undergraduate/postgraduate study.

International education provides students with global exposure where they get to meet and work with students of different nationalities and learn about their culture. Staying away from home makes them more independent and they learn to manage themselves well on their own.

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Also, international education is much more practical oriented and not the bookish learning which is so common here. There the teachers motivate you to think and apply the knowledge that you have gained. There is a greater emphasis on projects and independent assignments. Additionally, a lot of money is spent R&D activity there which is abysmally low in India.

Greater emphasis is given on extracurricular activities and joining of various sport societies and clubs which make students more outgoing and well rounded.

Invariably, most of the international student destinations let you work part time – 15 to 20 hours per week while studying, so students look around for part time jobs where they get some essential work experience and earn a few bucks ! A few countries like Ireland and New Zealand give you extra time to stay back after course completion to look for local full time work options.

So, if you are inclined to Study Abroad and benefit from foreign education, start doing your research now and charter your path to success !